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Hi, I am a self-motivated and highly enthusiastic person. Rather than stagnating with my already acquired skills, I wish to pursue my learning, and to acquire in-depth knowledge in the area of Digital Designing. I find joy in things like traveling, sketching and meeting new people!

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different professions

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I always use to sketch when I was younger and was quite creative. As you can see in the images. Because of the financial difficulties, I had a very different set of jobs. I still tried to stay in the design field professionally, and I didn’t let my creative side die.

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I pursued architecture as my bachelor's. I used to love working on spatial planning and creating an amazing user experience for people. Sadly, in India design, as a field, is not appreciated as such. The designers in India are paid quite poorly, which forced me to leave architecture. I had a couple of opportunities in the US as an architect, but because of COVID and visa issues, I lost all of them. As a side hustle, I worked as a graphic designer too. To financially support my parents, I worked two full-time jobs, but this hardship helped me in enhancing my knowledge in different design fields.

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After working two full-time jobs, I was mentally drained and realized the need for a break. I left both jobs and prepared for an examination to get into a deemed university. But I was unable to qualify for the exam by just one mark. I started to lose hope after this failure and didn't know what else to do.

I believe, it was my big-break, when I joined a major architecture firm in a Business Development Team. Though the field was very different, I had no choice but to start working again. Atleast, this job gave the financial stability that I always needed and helped me in pursuing my career in design. I was introduced to UI UX designing when I joined.

I still have a long way to go. I hope it works out for everyone else and I just want my fellow mates to trust the universe.

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